Wednesday, 23 January 2008

I beg your Pardon - I DID pomise you a Rose Garden

I love that song with one different word of course. Remember anyone?
I got up this morning to a cold below 10"C ( 40s F) temp. and an overcast sky with chilling winds and thought of livening up the day by taking some pictures of our roses.

Don 't they look pretty.They are our pride.

I want to send a special bunch of roses to Terry Anne 's Dad Golden, Donetta 's MIL,Felisol 's Mom, Ruth ,Becky and John
I have all my friends blogrolled.

Today I went visit a family in dire financial straits.(I liked listening to Dire Straits as a teenager). The poor widow P auntie is in a bad shape as her daughter (only child), son in law and two small kids are living off her meagre pension and not taking care of her.The daughter and hubby don 't want to work.They 'd rather live like destitutes than find employment, we helped find work, but it was rejected.Some people are like that.
Today was auntie P 's birthday. So I invited myself in, otherwise they wouldn 't celebrate it. I said I 'm coming for lunch. So the daughter made meatball curry and peas pulao (she is a good cook)
I took some food, a box of sweets,candy for the kids,lots of veggies from our garden, bananas, a coffee mug for auntie and face cream for the daughter (her birthday was 3 days ago).
Jesus commanded us to love people unconditionally.I am learning that.I used to expect people to come up to my expectations in order for me to really love them from the heart. But that 's not God 's love. He loves us the way we are.Its irrational love. Don 't you agree?

16 Fertilize my soul:

Louise said...

Your roses are as beautiful as you are my friend. May you see yourself each time you look at them.
Your helping Widow P and her family is a testimony of God's grace to us. "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
God bless you!

Donetta said...

Good Morning! How beautiful your roses are,Wow! I'll have to call her later. It is early here. I changed the color for you.
How wonderful you witness of love. I know what you are saying, it is still a choice to love.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for this wonderful post, Amrita! I agree with Louise, you are as beautiful as your roses, only more so because the roses will fade. Thank you for encouraging us today to love others God's way.

Terry said...

Dear Amrita
Thank so much for the lovely roses for Dad Golden.
When I opened my computer and saw your nice note on my blog and tried to get to you, the internet service went out so I couldn't get back until just a bit ago.
Thanks so much!!
Amrita, I wish that you would join over at the Pilgrim Pals.
You would be a big plus!
I am going to email you!!...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
thank you soooo much for the roses for my Mom and for dear Dad Golden.
You are a remarkable soul, giving your very best from a pure heart.
Isn't that a joy to our Lord's eyes?
Dear Amrita, I know you are facing heavy everyday problems as well as we, your friends.
I find it strengthening to be a member of the Pilgrim Pals, which sole purposes are praying, affirming, sharing, loving.
I'd be happy to find you there.
Yours Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

May the Auntie P's daughter see Jesus' love shining through you! I don't have to tell you how beautiful the roses are ... I shall be back again and again just to view them this winter when all vegetation in my yard is frozen rock hard! too bad there is not smell-a-vision invented ;) I'll have to just imagine the beautiful fragrance from the roses.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
wonderfull roses!!!!
Great words.
You are as a rose too my dear,
you are like a flower,
so beautiful and sweet.


nvittal said...

Amazing how those roses survived harsh winter!

Nancy said...

Your roses are so beautiful Amrita,and a lovely sight from this land of lots of snow . I see Jesus walking with you everywhere. You are living witness. Have a great day.

Reighnie said...

What beautiful roses and I love what you did with the header!

Amrita said...

Thank you dear friends for all your comments.

You all are my roses, angels and jewels, I should say.

If i had my way i would send you real roses from my garden...ship them to you all.It would be my greatest pleasure.

Do prya for Sunt P and her daughter Shaloo, husband Bunty and little chilren,Babu and Simran. May they receive Jesus as Lord.

Anonymous said...

Amrita those Roses are so beautiful.Jesus said why worry about your clothes?Look at the Lilies and how they grow,yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beutiful as they are.And if God cares so wonderfully for those flowers that are here and gone tommorrow,wont he more surely care for you.Yes we have to love unconditionaly.Thats what Jesus would have done.
Love Prem

Aura said...

That was a nice gesture Amrita,i hope and pray Aunt P´s daughter may realize that someday her moms pension wont suport them forever, Beautiful roses you have in garden!!

Roo said...

your roses are incredible!!! thank you for sharing them with me. as i sit housebound in my winter wonderland. :) shalom and love....

Becky Wolfe said...

Your roses truly are beautiful and a breath of fresh air for those of us in the deep freeze of winter right now. Actually its a good reminder for me to maybe go grab a bouquet for myself somewhere & plump them up on the table so I can have a splash of fragrant color to adorn the winter blues around here!

Thank you for sharing them!

monsoon dreams said...

i am so glad to be led by god to your blog.wonderful.may god bless you