Sunday, 20 January 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom Dorothy has been my pen pal, friend and mentor forthe past 32 years.Today she is 81 years old. I will call her in a while.

I used to listen to radio messages by Dr DeHann and wrote to them asking them for a prayer partner.When prayer requests were being passed around in a little town in central MN, Mrs M picked up mine and thus began our long years of friendship.

Dad passed away 30 years ago and Mom remarried about 10 years back to a wonderful man.We are like family. I have never met her personally. Talked on the phone a number of times.But she is a part of my soul.We write to each other every month.I also send her emails which her daughter passes on to her.My life would be incomplete with her.

I called her a short while ago and gave her a birthday surprise. It is just over a 12 hr time difference. They are going to church and then a celebration with the family.Each year they go to TX for a holiday but this year they are skipping that as its too much for John to drive...he 's 80 and has had by pass surgery (Mom too) and a knee replacement job.Mom says they might fly to Arizona to visit her sister.

My Mom also chatted with her. It was so good. Although international dialing is very expensive its worthwhile. wish I could call Mom more often.
My friend David of authorblog asked his readers if they wear denim. Yes I do David.Mainly jeans and I had a denim jacket for years which I gave away a few weeks ago for charity. I have a Mark and Spencer 's denim skirt which a friend handed down to me and I can 't part with it even though its well worn.
The photo on the right (click to enlarge) was taken light years ago in a local park.
(L-R) myself in a white denim jacket which I still have, Namrita, Sonia,my BIL 's younger brother Anand, sister Anjali and nephew Ashish.

20 Fertilize my soul:

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute! Happy Birthday Dorothy! Pleasing to read about special moments.

Your Blog is "lookin good", Amrita!

Take care my friend.

Jeanette said...

What a lovely picture and beautiful tribute to Mom! I truly enjoyed reading it. I hope that she will have many more years to share with you, Amrita.

Regarding the denim, since I started working from home, I wear denim jeans almost all the time. I find them durable and comfortable. I also have a denim jacket lined with flannel that my husband gave me a couple of years ago. I use it a lot because it is so warm and comfortable.

Amrita said...

Oh yes Mom is very special to me.
That 's right Jeanette denims are comfy, but they can be hot in the Indian summer, specially tight fits.I posted a 'yesterday once more ' photo of myself wearing awhite denim jacket.

Louise said...

Such a lovely tribute to your Mom Amrita and such a blessing that God has put you two together. Not just for here, but for eternity. The photo is really nice. I too wear denim. Stretch jeans usually as I don't like tight clothing; I also wear too-big sweaters and my gym shoes and I'm ready to go. I do dress differently for church ... dresses, skirts & blouses or nice dress slacks.

Susan Skitt said...

How wonderful that God has blessed you both in this way through the years. God is so good!

Simply Shelley said...

Hello Amrita,such a nice post, and what a wonderful relationship you have created with your Dear friend, Mom! I have many spiritual brothers, sister's and Moms and Dad.Sometime we can have a closer bond with our spiritual family than our natural.
Nice picture of you and the family.


Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my dear friend,
Well first a HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish for your mom, she looks very handsame...thanks for visiting my blog with Nature+Music today...

have a good weekend Hug from JoAnn

Saija said...

back to the bible, RBC booklets, they are absolutely a blessing!

and how sweet that you have a "mom" that blesses your heart like that ...

one day you will meet - in that sweet by and by ... :o)

hope all is well with you & yours on this Lord's day ...

Mrs. Mac said...

Amrita ... you are indeed a blessed woman ... I'm happy you have had such a pen pal for so many years as Mom.

Denim is my favorite type of pants to wear ... but then tend to be cold on my legs during the colder months.

You look quite 'western' in your 'vintage' photo ;)

Blessings from Idaho, USA

kostas said...

Very beautiful the photograph, with your own all persons happy and, in the depth the children they play carefreely.
The God it protects all, as the Mom Dorothy, that has her birthday.

Gudl said...

Happy Birthday to "Mom" from me, too!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

It is interesting to hear the stories of people, isn't it! Just thinking about Dorothy -- she must have become a widow at age 51! That's so YOUNG! I'm 51, for goodness sake, and I'm just a kid! And then to remarry around age 71 -- my, oh my!

Talking about being just a kid, you must have truly been just a kid when she started writing to you since you are a "child of the swinging 60s"!

So have you kept the tradition going? Are you pen pals-ing any little gals?

Re the denim thing ... my poor Mama! She tried to raise Jeanette and me to be skirt only girls with hems at decent drop but we do love our blue jeans! :)

Pat said...

What a wonderful relationship you have had over the years - you are both so much richer for it! I to used to listen to Dr. DeHann on the raido - it really is a small world.
You look so good in your denim jeans - I find them strangely comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time, depending on how tight they are! They do seem to be the uniform of the day though and just about all I wear except in the summer. Then just like you say, they are too hot!

david mcmahon said...

What a loving tribute, Amrita,

May I also pour my best wishes into your crucible of love and affection for Dorothy.

Thanks, too, for answering the denim question. I am always in faded denim - always light blue, NEVER dark blue or black!!!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
Happy Birthday to your "mom" too. I wish her the best of everything and a long and peaceful life. That's a wonderful picture you have. Thanks for the great post. God bless you and your family. Have a great and peaceful day always.

the mother of this lot said...

Hi Amrita
What a great post, and you look lovely in the photograph!

I can usually be found in faded jeans too (except on Sundays)!

Re your question on my post, Ordinary Time in my church is any time of the year which isn't a liturgical season, like Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter. Hope this answers your question!

Natalie said...

What a wonderful blessing!

Amrita said...

Thanks you friends for your greetings i shall pass them on to Mom.She is very young at heart and embroiders towels to give away as gifts.

Yes CarolAnn, Mom was really young when dad died.Her family is in the well digging business and her 4 sons looked after that.
I was in middle school when we started writing.

I 've had some younger penpals too, but none lasted this long.Now you all are my e-friends!

Thank you Mother of the Lot for telling me about ordinary time services. Its very interesting. We don 't follow the litergical calender in our church very closely but we are aware of the seasons and i have my personal devotions to match them.

Kimmie said...

What a sweet friendship God has given you and what wisdom must have been passed to you. How wonderful that you were able to call her and bless her on her day of celebration.
I LOVE this photo of you...what a beautiful woman you are! Your face is so sweet and your smile just brings me joy ;-)

blessings to you and your family!
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Anonymous said...

Happy Birtday Mom,
This is Amrita brother in law in Tracadie-Sheila wishing you a very happy Birthday.May God richly bless you on this special day and grant you His peace that passes all understanding.Your friendship with Amrita over all these years means a lot for her.You have faithfully kept in touch i remember when i got married to anju 24years back.What a blessing you have a large and lovely family who stand by you .God bless you.