Thursday, 10 January 2008

Say What

Got my photo up in the local museum.Just kidding.

Saying goodbye to Sonia and Abner, (I jokingly call him my thorn in the flesh). I told Sonia ;leave him with me for a month and I 'll discipline him and transform him.He 's good with Mom and me because we discipline him and love him.

He likes our home so much, doesn 't want to go home, tells tall stories about Alld back home.

Tomorrow I have to appear in court for our next hearing.

Please pray.It will evening according to North America time zones, early morning in Europe.

6 Fertilize my soul:

Donetta said...

You look like it is very cold there. Here we are chilled early morning and at late night. The kids are so hard to keep dressed warm enough. Dove just does not even feel the cold. She has always been my little snow maiden.

Jeanette said...

Hi Amrita! Yes, I will be praying for your court hearing. The Lord will be with you there, too.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Now what's the slant on the picture! It DOES look like it is in the local museum! Did you paint the viewers into the foreground?

We will be eagerly waiting to hear the outcome of the hearing!

Anonymous said...

Be patient, wait and trust in the Lord. HE will see you through this situation and rest assured will not forsake you. Have faith and place your trust in HIM.

Anonymous said...

said a prayer for you... (((HUGS)))

Ash said...

I'll be praying for you Amrita. Sending you lots of prayers and good wishes.

Nice to see you at the museum :)