Monday, 14 January 2008

Sunday Blessings

Before and After the whitewash

Sunday was a good day, although a cold chilly wind blew all day.

In the evening we had our Union Prayer meeting. About 30 leaders and Pastors gathered for prayer and worship. A Pastor from Delhi gave the message.

Its a good time to come and pray for each other and our city and country without discussing our doctrinal and denominational differences, although some brethren do not agree to that.

Our church freshly whitewashed looks very nice. Praise God for providing the finances.Still a lot needs to be done, we are looking up to Him
For lunch I made egg curry with peas pulao. You boil the eggs and simmer them in a curry gravy, with veggies and tomato paste.
For dinner I made clear vegetable soup with veggies from the garden
bottle gourd (lauki)
tomato (market bought...ours are too small to be harvested)
garlic and onion
I save the hash and put it in my lentils (dals).Tastes good.

13 Fertilize my soul:

Mrs. Mac said...

Without a globe in front of me, is your area winter or summer now? I won't be seeing a garden veggie for another six months! This past summer I went up the road to a local u-pick farm and filled my freezer with corn, diced tomatoes, squash, raspberries, peppers, and buffalo (my first time buying buffalo ... very lean and tender). Most of our bounty is gone so I have to buy produce from the grocery store ... which is not as good. Your church's whitewash looks lovely.

Kostas said...

Big difference for your church the renovation that you realised.
All him need, the buildings when are worn out by the time and our souls when they are worn out by the sins.
The buildings renovation, and the persons confession.
You protects always His force.

Kostas said...

The Kostas in Greece is the most common name.
Emanates from the Konstantinos, same the Constantine.
I am cheerful that these visits of policies, strengthen the traditional friendship of our populations.
Know certain things for your country, History, Culture and Modern Leaders of India.

Gudl said...

Your church does look beautiful!

Louise said...

Your church indeed looks beautiful Amrita. May God supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.

Donetta said...

Wow the restoration to the building look wonderful I see the level grade is much higher. So good to keep the water out. It looks just beautiful!

Pat said...

The church looks wonderful - like brand new!
Dinner and lunch sound yummy, You're a lady of many talents!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Dear Amrita,
First: have a happy PONGAL, I don't know if you are celebrating this festivity, but I posted that on my blog also (the Indian PONGAL I Mean)

The church looks really "spic and span" that means Clean, Hmmmm I love your eggs recipe with peas and Pualo ( Is pualo that tomato paste?)Veggies from he garden hmmm good too.

I showed some more about my birthtown in Holland :The Hague, The Glasshouses, and the Westland/Glasshouses, I added also some links this way you can read more about that city and surrounding, when you want that of course..

Have agood week!
Greetings from JoAnn

Amrita said...

Winter is a good growing season for us Mrs Mac, the temps like your summer. So our winter garden is nice. Today i bought a single kiwi fruit from the mall. its from New Zealand and dreadfully expensive.I want to seed and will plant it to see if it grows.
When its available I 'll buy an avocado (which is also v.v. expensive)to get its seed and try growing it.

Yes friends our church looks beautiful...the surrounding land too.
Yes Donetta, we raised the level of the road and built a plaform all round the building to keep the water out. Its nearly 200 years old...a heritage building.

Thank you JoAnn for your wishes. Pongal is a South indian harvest fesival, but its universal, as I have my garden too.A Pulao is rice cooked with spices and little oil.You can put meat in it too.

Good to know Kostas is short for Constantine.He was a great emperor.

holy chaos said...

what a difference! very beautiful.

nvittal said...

Egg curry.....ohh! It's one of those things I used to cook regularly during my bachelor days. Thanks for reminding - I should probably try it this weekend.

Julia Dutta said...

Haven't been around a while Amrita but it is a pleasure reading about egg curry and peas pullao....I love it and the clear veg soup....winter is such a lovely season for all this. Thanks for your comment Reforms at Dakshineshwar....just came to visit and tell you this :)

Aura said...

Congratulations for the work done on your church Amrita! I never realize that photo that i use to see in your old template is your church,its beautiful!!
Re: avocado,its not dificult to grow.just plant that big seed and wait. It will take 4 to five years like mangoes to bear fruit but its well worth the wait.Buy the one that is roundish as they are better(not the elongated one).